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About Me

Why I Started This Blog? 

Thanks for stopping by, I've always wanted to share my creations of my own blog. I made this blog back in 2010 to upload a hair that didn't make it on Mod the sims and i wasn't planning on uploading anything else. In February 2015, i decided to retire from Mod the sims and pursue my dream.

About My Blog! 

This blog is made mainly to share my sims 4 creations and sharing tutorials with other simmer and some feedback on my upcoming creations. . All the creations featured on this blog is completely made by me either from an edited texture, EA's 3d mesh or my own 3d mesh. Also, all credits are included with each upload. 

What Are My Qualifications? 

I always wanted to be a creator since The Sims 2 came out, but i didn't have the chance to get approved on Mod the sims. I was August 2009 when i first made a male sim for The Sims 3 and got my first creation approved on MTS. I've been a creator for nearly seven years and i got feature three times and twenty six of my creations got picked on MTS. Check my profile on Mod The Sims.


My terms of use are included in the description of each post. If you need any help, don't hesitate to contact me.

Who am I?  

My name is Ahmed - or you can just call me Luna and I'm not a girl as the majority of you think.

I'm a student, dentist, and self taught simmer.

I was born in 1993 in Egypt. I'm bilingual, English definitely isn't my native language. Currently I'm studying dentistry at Misr International University and I'll be graduating in 2016. 

I like to spend my free time creating stuff for The Sims 4, cooking or drawing. My favorite color is blue and I'm a chocolate addict.

That's all. Thank you.


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