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Monday, 29 June 2015

Hayden Bedroom Set

Tired of searching for inexpensive modern furniture for your sims ?

This Ikea inspired bedroom will fulfill their needs. Ikea is one of the best known brands for selling high quality, modern furniture and affordable furniture with creative designs that fit all tastes. That's why i decided to bring Ikea to the sims 4. This time i decided to add extra slots to my furniture to fit the theme. Hope you like it.

What Do you get: (9 objects)

- Completely functioning bed with built in shelf with  6 slots (small in size)
Completely functioning  dresser with extra 4 slots (small in size)
- End table with extra 2 slots to store your favorite clutter
- pillows and bed cover to be placed over the bed sheets
- Clutter set which contains 5 different objects (3 sets of books, 2 boxes)

Monday, 22 June 2015

Barbara Living room Set

Want to travel your sims to the past ?

No need for a time machine, i made a retro living room set that will take your sims into  a ride to the past where flashy colors were the trend. The set is retro inspired made with a combination of the sims 3 and 4 mesh parts. The wall painting was originally made by J. Lauckner, all rights go to her for creating such a beautiful painting.

What Do you get: (5 objects)

- Retro looking love seat with 3 swatchesRetro armchair with 3 swatches
- Coffee table with 3 swatches
Decorative Vase with 1 swatch
- Retro tree painting with 1 swatch

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Charlotte Living Room Set

Did you miss your grandparents ?

I was so nostalgic about my childhood but life has moved on, with some wonderful memories i decided to create a vintage set to resemble my grandparents living room. I remember when i used to visit my grandpa every Friday and enjoy the evening watching tv. life has moved on but all we got is pictures stored in our memories to remind us of our loved ones. Hope you enjoy this set guys.

What Do you get: (9 objects)

- Vintage looking love seat with 3 swatches to fit your style
Vintage armchair with 3 swatches
- Coffee table with swatches
Decorative Hanging Plates with 1 swatch
- Porcelain Milk Jug filled with little orchids with 1 swatch
- Matching teapot set with the milk jug with 1 swatch
- Floor lamp with 3 swatches
- Pillow set (right and left) with 1 swatch

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Amelia Laundry Set

Are you sims having trouble with laundry?

Seriously they won't but this set will provide a modern touch to high tech sims houses. Building a Laundry room for my sims has been my passion for the last three Sims games. When the Sims 4 first came out i went to search for one to download but i didn't find a modern laundry set. I decided to create this set cause Sims didn't provide us with a full laundry set with cabinets and counters.

What Do you get: (8 objects)

- Completely functioning counter with all models so you can place it inside or outside a curved wall
- Completely functioning cabinet with 5 models only, you can also place it on any curved wall
- Completely functioning counter top with only one model
- Samsung washing machine, can be placed under the counter top by moveobjects cheat (non-functional)
- Ironing board (non-functional)
- Modern laundry Basket (non-functional)
- Wall-Mounted Clothing Rack (functional)
- Laundry Supplies ( Ariel and downy <3) 

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Adamaris patio set

Do your sims like to travel ?

Don't worry, with this set they can enjoy their vacation on the pool pretending to be on an island.The inspiration behind this set was to create a Hawaiian theme patio set for your sims to enjoy in their backyard. The set is composed of three objects. First we have a wooden chair with a tied pillow that comes with Hawaiian pattern to fit the theme , the chair comes in three colors, red, cyan or red. 

Secondly we have a wooden table with a glass top that comes with three different colors. finally we have a transparent glass bowl with bananas and a pineapple.I used mesh parts from both the sims 3 and the sims 4 combined together with edited pictures in Photoshop.

This is my first set of objects for the sims 4 that took me days to complete and i hope you like it. 

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