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Sunday, 14 June 2015

Amelia Laundry Set

Are you sims having trouble with laundry?

Seriously they won't but this set will provide a modern touch to high tech sims houses. Building a Laundry room for my sims has been my passion for the last three Sims games. When the Sims 4 first came out i went to search for one to download but i didn't find a modern laundry set. I decided to create this set cause Sims didn't provide us with a full laundry set with cabinets and counters.

What Do you get: (8 objects)

- Completely functioning counter with all models so you can place it inside or outside a curved wall
- Completely functioning cabinet with 5 models only, you can also place it on any curved wall
- Completely functioning counter top with only one model
- Samsung washing machine, can be placed under the counter top by moveobjects cheat (non-functional)
- Ironing board (non-functional)
- Modern laundry Basket (non-functional)
- Wall-Mounted Clothing Rack (functional)
- Laundry Supplies ( Ariel and downy <3) 


You must choose the color of the counters and cabinet from the swatch before placement because they are made by TSR worshop.
- Requires base game
- The set is in the rar file but the single objects can be downloaded as package


Price: 150                                   Price: 135
Polycounts: 212                          Polycounts: 180
Counter                                      Cabinet



 Price: 50                                      Price: 450 
Polycounts: 212                           Polycounts: 253 
         Counter                                    Decoration (Misc)


Price: 70                                     Price: 30
Polycounts: 222                          Polycounts: 283
Decoration (Misc)                     Decoration (Misc)


Price: 30                                      Price: 160
Polycounts: 222                            Polycounts: 790
Decoration (Misc)                         Sculpture (Wall)

Download full set


Additional credit: 

- Tsr workshop
- Sims 4 studio
- Milkshape/Blender

How to install:

- Extract the files into My Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Mods


- Provide a link back to my blog when using my objects
- Please don't retexture my objects with the mesh included.


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