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Monday, 29 June 2015

Hayden Bedroom Set

Tired of searching for inexpensive modern furniture for your sims ?

This Ikea inspired bedroom will fulfill their needs. Ikea is one of the best known brands for selling high quality, modern furniture and affordable furniture with creative designs that fit all tastes. That's why i decided to bring Ikea to the sims 4. This time i decided to add extra slots to my furniture to fit the theme. Hope you like it.

What Do you get: (9 objects)

- Completely functioning bed with built in shelf with  6 slots (small in size)
Completely functioning  dresser with extra 4 slots (small in size)
- End table with extra 2 slots to store your favorite clutter
- pillows and bed cover to be placed over the bed sheets
- Clutter set which contains 5 different objects (3 sets of books, 2 boxes)


- Requires base game only
- The set is in the rar file but the single objects can be downloaded as package

 Price: 500                                Price: 250    
Polycounts: 701                         Polycounts: 311  
Bed                                        Dresser 

  Price: 65                                    Price: 20    
Polycounts: 232                          Polycounts: 474  
           End table                                   Clutter                 


 Price: 25,25,25.5.10
Polycounts: 38,60,74.36

Download Full set

Additional credit: 

- Tsr workshop
- Sims 4 studio
- Milkshape/Blender

How to install:

- Extract the files into My Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Mods


- Provide a link back to my blog when using my objects

- Feel free to retexture my objects but make sure to place a link back to my blog


  1. Is there any way you would consider separating the frame from the mattress? Love the set btw!

    1. Could you please send me a tutorial for that ?

  2. I just asked about it on the Sims 4 Studio website, because I'm not sure how to do it either. I'll let you know when I find out. (: (And I'm Natalie btw, just figured out how to use my actual username XD)

    1. Thanks Nat :) and I'm more than welcome if you want to separate and upload them on your site/blog ^_^

  3. I may recolor your with my Pattern with Musical Notes, not sure. I kinda like your as well. I may end up using your bedroom set in my story i am doing now or later.

    1. If you are wondring. My site is

    2. Sorry for the late reply,feel free to upload/recolor/include my work in your stories :)


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