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Thursday, 18 June 2015

Charlotte Living Room Set

Did you miss your grandparents ?

I was so nostalgic about my childhood but life has moved on, with some wonderful memories i decided to create a vintage set to resemble my grandparents living room. I remember when i used to visit my grandpa every Friday and enjoy the evening watching tv. life has moved on but all we got is pictures stored in our memories to remind us of our loved ones. Hope you enjoy this set guys.

What Do you get: (9 objects)

- Vintage looking love seat with 3 swatches to fit your style
Vintage armchair with 3 swatches
- Coffee table with swatches
Decorative Hanging Plates with 1 swatch
- Porcelain Milk Jug filled with little orchids with 1 swatch
- Matching teapot set with the milk jug with 1 swatch
- Floor lamp with 3 swatches
- Pillow set (right and left) with 1 swatch


Don't forget to use the cheat "bb.moveobjects" to place the pillows on the love seat/armchair
- Requires base game only
- The set is in the rar file but the single objects can be downloaded as package

Price: 250                                           Price: 150
Polycounts: 930                                 Polycounts: 930
 Comfort                                            Comfort

    Price: 90                                            Price: 15
         Polycounts:557                                   Polycounts: 691
               Surfaces                                      Decorative (plant)

      Price: 40                                               Price: 50
           Polycounts: 936                                   Polycounts: 962
             Decoration (wall)                                Decoration (misc)

Price: 10                                               Price: 70
  Polycounts: 358 (each pair)                      Polycounts: 444
  Decoration (misc)                                 Light (floor)

 Download full set

Additional credit: 

- Tsr workshop
- Sims 4 studio
- Milkshape/Blender
- Sims 3&4 for the mesh parts

Additional credit:

- Sims 4 studio
- Milkshape/Blender

How to install:

- Extract the files into My Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Mods


- Provide a link back to my blog when using my objects

- Feel free to retexture my objects but make sure to place a link back to my blog


  1. Oh no! In the sims 4, the only way to recolor an object is to include the mesh! May I recolor this item? I will link back to this page!

    1. Sorry lexicon i didn't know that, I just copied my sims 3 policy to this post. Do what ever you want with them :D waiting to see your beautiful work.

  2. Love, love,love this livingroom set, all your creations are just outstanding, super work, thank you so much for sharing!!!!!!!!


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