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Monday, 13 April 2015

Carmen - Female Hair (New mesh)

Why all Sims 4 base game hairstyles aren't transparent 

This question got me a bit confused but i went to search for an answer till i found out that sims 4 hairs have no alpha map which means that you can't create a transparent hair strand like we did in the sims 3 unless you changed the background of the hair from sim skin to glasses (Kinda fooling the game), so i decided to create my own mesh first to try in the sims 4 .It took me a lot of time but i think it's worth it. I tested this hair for hours and it worked fine, just make sure to test it alone (with no other packages) and if it doesn't work, you can contact me and I'll try to find a solution for that.

- Available for teens, young adults and elders
- Custom thumbnail
- 12 colors
- No morphs
- Not Compatible with all hats
- Small transparency issue with the scalp
- 9K polycounts

Note: Make sure you aren't in laptop mode and make sure you are updated to the latest sims version before downloading this hair

Additional credit: 

- Jenni sims 4 for the modified texture Thanks to SintikliaSims and Sims 4 studio team for helping me to fix this hair.
S4models for the skin and the eye contacts.

How to install:

- Extract the files into My Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Mods


- Please don't retexture my hair with the mesh included.
- Provide a link back to my blog when including my work with your sims


  1. Very lovely hair. :) Thank you. Love the different colors too!

  2. Wow! Great hair! I did not know you published it, because did not check my inbox long time! So that is great finish of that hair which you showed me! Well done!

    1. Thanks Sintiklia, without your help I couldn't have done it :)


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